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[Xen-devel] Solaris and PVRDTSCP


  I've been trying to figure out why my copy of s10u9 did not run PV drivers 
when I installed it on Xen 4.1 when it was perfectly happy on Xen 3.4...

  It turns out that the kernel is making a check that the maximal Xen CPUID 
leaf is no greater than base + 2. This was true on Xen 3.4 but when the 
PVRDTSCP patch was added it ceased to be true with the addition of the 
cpuid_time_leaf code.
  Clearly future versions of the Solaris kernel should revise this check but to 
allow this kernel to enable PV drivers I was wondering what sort of workaround 
could be done. My current thoughts are along the lines of disabling the extra 
CPUID leaf if tsc_mode is < TSC_MODE_PVRDTSCP. An alternative might be to 
introduce another tsc_mode that specifically causes the leaf to be obscured. 


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