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[Xen-API] Re: [Xen-devel] XCP: handling "guest tools" versions (v2)

On Fri, 2010-05-28 at 14:47 +0100, Dave Scott wrote:
> For convenience the linux guest agent will be modified so that: if a
> file /etc/pv-drivers-not-upgradable is present in the filesystem, the
> NotUpgradable key will be automatically added to xenstore. The linux
> guest agent will still continue to write the existing version number
> keys.

Lets plan to add a proper config file rather than a stamp file. it can
be a shell fragment suitable for sourcing (/etc/sysconfig/ style). e.g. 
        $ cat /etc/xe-guest-utilities.conf
        #Uncomment in appliance VM
or something like that.


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