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RE: [Xen-devel] Reboot from OS will hang


I've encountered the same problem. After reboot machine went to sleep
(or power off) mode, so I can't even reset it through IPMI, only
powercycle (by IPMI too) works.
I saw this problem only on new machine (Core i7 based, Xeon E5520,
Supermicro X8DTL motherboard), but on Pentium D and Supermicro
PDSMi reboot works.
Also server hangs after reboot only with pvops Dom0 kernels (I
tried stable-2.6.32.x and stable-2.6.33.x with hypervisors 3.4.3-rc and
4.0.0), but reboots normally with "Xenified" kernel (under
3.4.3-rc and 4.0.0 too). All kernels and hypervisors were built for
x86-64 architecture.
Changing BIOS settings related to ACPI and reboot didn't help.
I tried all reboot= options in hypervisor command line: acpi, kbd,
triple, but it didn't help when pvops kernels were used.

With best reagrds,
Sergey Kononenko.

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