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Re: [Xen-devel] i915 crashs in the pvops dom0

On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 02:03:25PM +0800, Lin, Ben Y wrote:
> I didn't try this branch, but I tried the xen/next, it still has such issue.

Not all of the bugs are fixed. But one thing I want you to try is to
have CONFIG_DMAR enabled in your .config and see if that makes a

The reason behind that is the the intel-agp.c code has this:

  18 /*
  19  * If we have Intel graphics, we're not going to have anything
other than
  20  * an Intel IOMMU. So make the correct use of the PCI DMA API
  21  * on the Intel IOMMU support (CONFIG_DMAR).
  22  * Only newer chipsets need to bother with this, of course.
  23  */
  24 #ifdef CONFIG_DMAR
  25 #define USE_PCI_DMA_API 1
  26 #endif

And we end up setting CONFIG_DMAR the newer DMA API is used. See if that works.

Eiter way, can you give me these details:
 - lspci -vvv
 - Xorg.log
 - the full console log? 

> Could you tell me which configuration should be workable? For example, xen 
> version + branch for pvops dom0 + graphics driver release version.

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