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Re: [Xen-devel] Error getting mfn for PCI SR-IOV device?

>>> On 25.05.10 at 15:58, "Fischer, Anna" <anna.fischer@xxxxxx> wrote:
> (XEN) mm.c:859:d0 Error getting mfn 40300 (pfn 5555555555555555) from L1 
> entry 8000000040300473 for l1e_owner=0, pg_owner=32753
> entry 800000004037e473 for l1e_owner=0, pg_owner=32753
> (XEN) mm.c:859:d0 Error getting mfn 4037f (pfn 5555555555555555) from L1 
> entry 800000004037f473 for l1e_owner=0, pg_owner=32753
> I boot Xen with 'dom0_mem=max:1024M iommu=0' set in GRUB. The system 
> supports VT-d, but I am disabling it.

Would seem like the kernel assigns I/O memory space to the device,
based on the physical (not machine) memory map it gets (making the
assumption that there is RAM at 0x40000000 aka 1Gb). Does the
behavior change if you remove the dom0_mem= option?


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