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RE: [Xen-users] What's the different for "dom0_max_vcpus=4dom0_vcpus_pin" and "dom0_max_vcpus=4" ?

Hi Lei,



Q1: The pin is needed to lock Dom0 to cores 0 & 1.


Q2: It means 4 vcpus are allocated to Dom0, they can float between physical cores. VCPUs don’t really line up with cores, you can assign 8 vcpus on a DomU  on a 4 core Dom0 box for example. 8 cpus will appear in the VM but Xen will try to allocate the request within its 4 physucal cores. Generally assigning more VPUs than you have physical cores is pointless.


Q3: No SMP for a DOMU will mean the kernel is not SMP aware, this can save a small amount of overhead and improve scheduling in certain cases on a single core DOMU. I’m not sure what the affect would be on Dom0, my guess is it won’t be good.






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Subject: [Xen-users] What's the different for "dom0_max_vcpus=4dom0_vcpus_pin" and "dom0_max_vcpus=4" ?


Hi experts,

Q1:What's the different for "dom0_max_vcpus=4 dom0_vcpus_pin" and  "dom0_max_vcpus=4" ?
which will get better performance

Q2: dom0_max_vcpus=4 means "core0-3 will be just used by dom0" or means "4 cores(not dedicate cores) will be used by dom0, eg: core2-5 or core3-6?

Q3.what does mean "nosmp" , xen, dom0,domU, will just use one core????if so, can we specify the use different core. eg: dom0=core2 domU=core3? xen will use just one core?


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