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Re: [Xen-devel] XCP: python SR plugin questions


>>>> i'm writing a python sr plugin for our product and have a few questions.
>>>> - our product has 32-bit id, not uuid, for each volumes, which i want to 
>>>> map
>>>> to xcp's vdi.  i generate name-based uuid from the 32-bit id in sr.scan and
>>>> vdi.create.  is this a reasonable approach?
>>> You can use the 'location' field in the VDI to contain your 32 bit id - 
>>> then the uuid is irrelevant. I'd like to move more of the storage backends 
>>> in this direction - currently I believe only the ISO SR does it this way.
>> ok.  in that case, xapi generates random uuids for me, right?
> Actually the backends are responsible for creating the uuid.

then, what is vdi_create's uuid argument for?
(my current plugin code simply ignores the argument and
return generated uuid via vdi_info.  is it ok?)

our product itself doesn't provide uuids at all.  so someone should
generate ones so that xapi can use them.
i plan to make my sr plugin generate name-based uuid from our product's
32-bit id.  does it sound ok for you?

i'm not sure how your suggestion to use vdi location is related to
the uuid issue.  can you please elaborate a bit?


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