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RE: [Xen-devel] ACPI suspend/resume on Dell Inspirons 1464/1564/1764

>>> "Roger Cruz"  05/19/10 12:39 AM >>>
>A little more info.  I am now able to wake up the Dell Inspiron 1764 after I 
>put it to sleep.  I found that the code commented out below would cause the 
>problems in my system.  I have yet to understand why these variables don't end 
>up with the expected values.  If anyone has any thoughts that they would like 
>to share on how this code works and why it is comparing to stored variables, I 
>would very much like to hear them.

The checks are done because code elsewhere expects that the capabilities found 
on individual CPUs are consistent across the whole system. If you found that 
one of these BUG_ON()s triggers, you can certainly also find out which one it 
is, and what the specific discrepancy is.


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