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RE: [Xen-devel] TMEM + pv_ops kernel?

Hi Rick –


Tmem is primarily of use in PV guests, less so in dom0.  Are you putting pv_ops kernels in your PV guests (domUs)?


If so, Jeremy has been a big proponent of tmem and we can work together to get it into his pv_ops tree.   But I think most of the focus for the pv_ops work has been to provide dom0 support.  Upstream kernels already provide domU support, so I’ve been instead working on the linux-kernel-mailing-list toward getting tmem patches accepted upstream.


If not, just using a tmem-modified dom0 will probably not help you.   I have been working on tmem-modified rpm’s for various RedHat-ish kernels and I know Jan Beulich has been working on putting tmem support into various SuSE kernels.


I’d also be interested in more information about your planned usage model for tmem.





From: Rick Boone [mailto:rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [Xen-devel] TMEM + pv_ops kernel?



I'm building Jeremy's pv_ops dom0 kernel ( for use with Xen 4.0 and it looks like the Transcendant Memory options arent in the kernel config. Is TMEM not available in pv_ops? I've been looking forward to using it with Xen4, but also really wanna work with pv_ops moving forward.

Thanks alot, 
-- Rick

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