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[Xen-devel] Re: One question to compat model

On 13/05/2010 09:41, "Jiang, Yunhong" <yunhong.jiang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Whoever implemented XENPF_getidletime decided to stuff a fake xenctl_cpumap
>> struct within Xen rather than properly refactor the public headers. There's
>> no reason not to move xenctl_cpumap out into xen.h.
> A curios question. I checked the code, and notice that the XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64
> is only defined for __XEN__ or __XEN_TOOLS__. I can understand it is needed
> for tools because 32bit tools can be used in 64bit dom0, but why it is
> forbidden for kernel? To avoid it be passed as hypercall parameter? Sorry for
> bothering if this is a stupid question :$

I was probably being overzealous. There's no good reason not to use
GUEST_HANDLE_64 and uint64_aligned_t outside of tools interfaces.

 -- Keir

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