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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/4] VPMU: Performance counter virtualization for AMD family 10h processors

Thist patch set implements performance counter virtualization for AMD family 
10h processors. Using this patch, profiling tools can be utilized directly 
within HVM guest without modification. 

AMD family 10h processor offers a hardware feature, the Guest Only bit, for 
guest profiling. If GO bit is enabled, only guest cycles are counted. This 
will highly reduced the complexity of hypervisor design and boost the 
performance for profiling guest.


Signed-off-by: Wei Wang <wei.wang2@xxxxxxx>
AMD GmbH, Germany
Operating System Research Center

Legal Information:
Advanced Micro Devices GmbH
Karl-Hammerschmidt-Str. 34
85609 Dornach b. München

Geschäftsführer: Andrew Bowd, Thomas M. McCoy, Giuliano Meroni
Sitz: Dornach, Gemeinde Aschheim, Landkreis München
Registergericht München, HRB Nr. 43632

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