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[Xen-devel] Shall we clear the cpumap in XEN_DOMCTL_setvcpuaffinity

When browse code, I noticed if the op->u.vcpuaffinity.cpumap is NULL, a random 
value of new_affinity will be passed to vcpu_set_affinity(), as in followed 

I'm not sure if this is expected result. IMO, we should return -EINVAL if no 
cpu specified, as the return value at vcpu_set_affinity() for empty cpumap.

Did I missed anything?

    case XEN_DOMCTL_getvcpuaffinity:
        domid_t dom = op->domain;
        struct domain *d = rcu_lock_domain_by_id(dom);
        struct vcpu *v;
        cpumask_t new_affinity;
        if ( op->cmd == XEN_DOMCTL_setvcpuaffinity )
            xenctl_cpumap_to_cpumask(           >>>>> the new_affinity is not 
initialized for if cpumap==NULL
                &new_affinity, &op->u.vcpuaffinity.cpumap);
            ret = vcpu_set_affinity(v, &new_affinity);


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