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RE: [Xen-devel] XCP: source repo?


> hi,
>>> hi,
>>> >> i want to add another storage backend.
>>> >> is /opt/xensource/sm/* a correct place to look at?
>>> >
>>> > Yes.I think it is the correct place to place your sm driver in.
>>> > Make sure your driver name endswith SR.
>>> thanks.  is there any SR-driver-howto documentation except the source
>>> code?
>> I think the source code is the best we've got atm. I recommend looking at 
>> one of the simpler SRs first e.g.
>>  DummySR: this is a "pretend" SR, used for testing
>>  udevSR: represents block devices hotplugged into the host ('xe 
>> vdi-introduce' 'xe vdi-forget' are called from udev scripts)
>> and then maybe extSR: vhds on local storage.
> thanks.  i'll take a look.
> YAMAMOTO Takashi

having take a quick look at DummySR, i have a question.

    if __name__ == '__main__':
        SRCommand.run(DummySR, DRIVER_INFO)

i understand that the SRCommnad.run part is for XMLRPC with
sm_type Executable.  what is the SR.registerSR part for?
i couldn't find any python code which imports this file.


>> Cheers,
>> Dave

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