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Re: AW: AW: [Xen-devel] VHD BUG in xen4.0 when install windows2008

On Mon, 2010-05-10 at 04:17 -0400, Heiko Wundram wrote:
> The 64-bit HVM domain I've tested was a Windows (2008 R2 Web Server) domain, 
> without PV drivers, so yeah, it was triggered by qemu alone in my specific 
> test case.
> Looking back at my testing, I'm not 100% certain that the bug doesn't occur 
> on 64-bit Multi-VCPU PV-domains (I thought I tested those "properly", but I 
> just did one test case with Ubuntu 10.04 running "fully" PV, and after the 
> system booted successfully, I didn't test whether bonnie++-I/O or any such 
> would trigger the behavior; installation was done in a Dom0 chroot anyway for 
> that, so I can't actually say whether there'd also be a bug here), but I'm 
> positive that Multi-VCPU 32-bit HVM and PV domains do not exhibit the errant 
> behavior, just as Uni-VCPU 64-bit HVM and PV domains don't.

Thanks. I'm mainly looking for the cheapest way to come across a repro.

> If you have a patch to test (regarding the synchronous queuing of tapdisk2), 
> I'd be happy to give it a shot with my specific setup.

I'll cc you when posting them. Any additional testing before Jeremy gets
to pick them up is welcome.

> --- Heiko.
> PS: again, sorry for topposting; I currently don't have access to a 
> "functioning" email client... 
> Which begs the question: anybody know of a way to make Outlook behave sanely 
> concerning quoting of mails? ;-)

I gave up on Outlook for basically that reason. 
But I don't think people mind.


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