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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.0 on RHEL6 beta

> > o Figure out all the options for mkinitrd
> >
> Does RHEL6 still use mkinitrd? I thought they switched to dracut.

They did and doing it via 'mkinitrd' makes it .. well, non-bootable.

Dan, try 'new-kernel-pkg --dracut --verbose' which does the
modification in /boot/grub/menu.lst and also creates the initramfs disk.

> > o Boot it!
> > 
> > Other stuff:
> > o Consider using a newer pvops git tree as RHEL6 is 2.6.32 (with
> >   a LOT of patches).
> >
> Yeah, it's better to use 2.6.32 based dom0 tree.

> > o Consider figuring out a simpler partitioning than the default
> >   install in case all the devmapper stuff causes problems.

It _ought_ to work. Haven't seen any errors in that department.

> > o Ensure iptables is turned off (no option at install as RHEL5 has)

Why? I know that sometimes it is pain to setup the right ports (you have to 
port 22, 5901, etc) but once you get over that hump it gives you a nice
fuzzy feeling.

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