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[Xen-devel] GFX Passthrough

Hi List,

many People seem to be interested in the Graphic-Card Passthrough Feature (for 
more or less obvious reasons).

Official Support is still under development, and i hope not to interfere with 
in any (bad) way ...

But i remember my own painfull and timeconsuming research when i wanted this 
feature to work, so i thought perhaps this spares some time for the unpatient 
users like me :)

So here is what i did to enable Passthrough of my Secondary PCIE Graphic-Card 
which is a NVIDIA GT200;

Key thing seems to be the Patches 1 to 4
(Patch #5 is only so that i have alsa-backed sound emulation , for some reason 
i have only oss-backed if not applied ?!)

Before all that, you need to read out the VGA Bios of the to-be-passthroughed-
Graphiccard with a tool; i used nvflash.exe under DOS for this task.
The patches assume you saved this file as "vgabios-pt.bin"

1. check out xen unstable:
    hg clone http://xenbits.xensource.com/xen-unstable.hg
2. go into there and do an "initial build" so that qemu-dm gets checked-out:
    cd  xen-unstable.hg; cd tools; make ; make clean
3. apply the patches from within the "xen-unstable.hg" dir, with patch -p0
4. move the vgabios-pt.bin to "tools/firmware/vgabios/"
4. do a "make install"

Thats it. 

Warning: a "make clean" deletes the "vgabios-pt.bin" file , so remember to put 
it there again before your next "make" ...

After that, and assuming your hardware/bios is VT-D ready and your XEN-PCI 
Config is correct (kernel-cmdline, xen-configfile), the HVM guest should be 
to work with the passedthrough-Graphicscard.

Greetings, Good luck, and THANK YOU XEN-GUYS!

P.S.: NONE of the patches are my origin. they were gathered from here (xen-
devel) and endless google-researches, representing the hard brainwork of much 
smarter guys than me ;)

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