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[Xen-devel] Physical node info from libxl


Looking at the libxl I can't see anywhere I can get a node info structure..
basically the physical info of the Node e.g - total_ram, free ram, no cpu etc

With the current xen version(3.3), I am pulling these data directly from xenctrl

    long int pagesize;
    xc_physinfo_t physinfo = {0};
    pagesize = sysconf(_SC_PAGE_SIZE);
    result = xc_physinfo(xc_handle, &physinfo);
    nodeinfo->cpu_hz = ((unsigned long long)physinfo.cpu_khz) * 1000ULL;
    nodeinfo->num_cpus = physinfo.nr_cpus;
nodeinfo->tot_mem = ((unsigned long long) physinfo.total_pages) * pagesize ; nodeinfo->free_mem = ((unsigned long long) physinfo.free_pages) * pagesize ;

But I think having this code in libxl make more sense. So can I suggest a new structure like

typedef struct libxl_physinfo{
   long long cpu_hz;
   long long total_memorykb;
   long long free_memorykb;
   int num_cpus;
   /*Any more suggestions*/

and a method
libxl_physinfo *libxl_physical_info(struct libxl_ctx *ctx);

This can be used in something like "xl info" as well  What you guys think?


Gihan Munasinghe
R&D Team Leader
Flexiant Ltd.

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