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[Xen-devel] tsc_mode == 1 and hvm guests

Hi all,
going through the vtsc code in xen I realized that vtsc_offset and, more
importantly, vtsc_to_ns/ns_to_vtsc are never used for hvm guests.
That means that if tsc_mode == 1 the rdtsc values returned to pv guests
and the ones returns to hvm guests are fundamentally different because
in the first case they are scaled by the guest tsc frequency and in the
second case they are not.
The fact that noone at the moment is calling tsc_set_info with gtsc_khz
!= 0 doesn't help spotting this problem.

Is there a reason for this or is it just a bug?

Also there are two gtsc_khz AFAICT: d->arch.tsc_khz and
d->arch.hvm_domain.gtsc_khz, why hvm guests have their own separate
record of the guest tsc frequency, when they never actually change it?

BTW I noticed these problems because they prevent the pvclock algorithm
from working correctly in a PV on HVM linux guest.



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