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[Xen-devel] hibernation test result of windows srv2008 R2 x64 hvm and winpv guest


I run some hibernation tests on windows HVM and HVM with windows pv driver. The test case is common scenario test(one test case of WHQL test), this test case will hibernate the vm for many times, and doing some IO operations for devices. The windows guest is Srv2008 R2 x64.

Following is my test result
HVM guest with pv driver,
machines 1cpu and 2cpu
AMD pass pass
Intel pass BSOD

It seems the test result is connected with the cpu type and cpu number. AMD environment passed this test case, but Intel environment failed with 4cpus. The BSOD always caused by windows kernel file instead of windows pv driver binaries. And i failed to figure out why Intel environment with 4cpu failed this test case. I tried Xen3.4 and Xen4.0, and got the same results. "xm dmesg" and xend.log does not show any abnormal errors.
I guess it is not a synchronization issue in winpv driver since AMD SMP environment passed this case. Any suggestions to debug this issue from Xen side?

HVM guest,

machines 1cpu 4cpu
Intel BSOD

Whether the cpu type is AMD or Intel, HVM Srv2008 R2 x64 guest never pass this test case. HVM shows worse than winpv drivers.

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