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[Xen-devel] Multiple VNC client support for Xen qemu


I have been trying to create multiple connections to VNC in Xen qemu, however it appears that additional connections are currently not accepted.

Looking through the qemu source and changesets, I noticed that the functionality should be available in vanilla qemu since 0.10.0, but has not been picked into the Xen qemu. The main changeset is 'Support multiple VNC clients (Brian Kress)' 753b4053311ff1437d99726970b1e7e6bf38249b however, looking through the changeset list for the keyword 'vnc' there is at least one subsequent fix for it http://git.qemu.org/qemu-stable-0.10.git/log/?qt=grep&q=vnc

My question is whether someone be able to pick these into the Xen qemu to enable simultaneous VNC. Unfortunately I do not have the experience to try these merges myself.


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