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[Xen-devel] pvops dom0: no sound after boot; possibly caused by swiotlb

Software: xen 3.4.1, lastest xen/master (version, both 32bit
Hardware: Intel Core2Duo System
          4GB Ram
          Realtek ALC888 soundchip

Initial Symptoms:

When playing audio in dom0 there are just "knock" sounds.

After rmmod the kernel-module for the soundcard (snd-hda-intel) and oss modules 
(snd-seq-oss and snd-seq-pcm) and inserting them with modprobe again makes the 
sound work. Doing that only with snd-hda-intel doesnt help.

I compiled the sound-modules directly into the kernel but that didnt changed 

This problem doesnt appear with the gentoo-dom0 patches for kernel 2.6.31 so it 
looks like a pvops dom0 problem.

Strangely that problem doesnt appear on another system with the same 
xen-version and the exactly same kernel. Main-difference is that the other 
system is a 2-core AMD-system with 2 GB Ram and a different soundcard. 

But starting the domU with only 2 GB didnt made any difference.

Final findings:

It finally turns out that when the sound-modules are loaded after a pv-domU is 
started the sound in domU works fine from the beginning. 

As i suspected a problem in the memory-layout that got "fixed" by the start of 
a PV-domU i started the domU with different memory-sizes and found out that the 
sound works fine if the domU is started with at least 66 MB. Everything under 
that and there is no sound (even the knock-sound is not there)

The first thing i found that had could have to do with the 66 MB was the 64 MB 
swiotlb buffer. To check that this is really the problem i changed the code in 
arch/x86/xen/pci-swiotlb.c and lowered the allocated buffer to 32MB. After that 
change the sound worked from the beginning when the domU was started with less 
then 66 MB.

Further investigations:

>From here i dont know at the moment how to investigate that problem further 

Which logs should i post that could help to find the problem?

What further steps could/should i do to investigate that myself?

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