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[Xen-devel] tsc_scale/cpu_khz imprecise and need fixing?

I observed with the attached patch (on a machine
with invariant TSC) that cstate_restore_tsc()
has very poor precision; the value that is written
to TSC on C3 recovery seems like it should be
within a handful of cycles of being accurate
(which on a invariant TSC can be precisely
compared).  Instead, it was off by 200,000
cycles or more!  This was counter-intuitive
so I dug through the code a bit to see if
there is an obvious bug.

I *think* the reason is that tsc_scale, which
I believe is set only once per processor at startup
on machines with constant/invariant TSC, is set
imprecisely using init_pit_and_calibrate_tsc().
I suspect the imprecision is compounded through
the reciprocal operation.  AND I wonder if an ill-timed
power management event might render tsc_scale not
just imprecise, but just plain wrong!

Tsc_scale -- and cpu_khz which is tsc_scale/1000 --
are used in other places as well; one of interest to
me is in hvm_gtsc_need_scale()... for TSC to work
properly across certain migrations, this test needs
to be very precise.   There may be others.

Anyway, I wonder if there is a more precise
way of determining the exact TSC Hz rate,
particularly on machines with constant/invariant TSC?

I found one such method in Examples 9-5 and 9-6 in:


Or maybe there's a better way using ACPI tables
or cpufreq?  And hopefully there's a method that
can work for both AMD and Intel processors?  If
nothing else, we should probably pick up the
latest Linux native_calibrate_tsc() code which has
grown considerably more complicated.


P.S. Note that to reproduce my test, the
hpetbroadcast Xen boot parameter must be set,
else no C3 events occur.

P.P.S. Yes, I realize that the write_tsc() on all
processors in time_calibration_tsc_rendezvous()
is intended to fix any synchronization lost by
an imprecise setting in cstate_restore_tsc().
I was testing to see if the rendezvous'd write
was really necessary (and perhaps counter-
productive!) when I discovered this imprecision

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