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[Xen-devel][PATCH 01/02] Hypervisor: Extend max vcpu number for HVM guest.

Hypervisor: Extend the max vcpu number for HVM guest.
 - Originally the max vcpu number for HVM guest is 32, this patch extend the
number to 128 on x86_64 hypervisor. (For i386 hypervisor, the max vcpu number
is till 32).
 - This patch extends the mp-table size to fit more vcpus.
 - If the guest uses more than 32 vcpus, the ioreq page number is extend to 4.
 - HVM PV driver should call VCPUOP_register_vcpu_info hypercall to initialize
the vcpu info if the vcpu number is more than 32.

Signed-off-by: Dongxiao Xu <dongxiao.xu@xxxxxxxxx>
Best Regards, 
-- Dongxiao

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