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Re: [Xen-devel] hypervisor memory usage

Vladimir Zidar wrote:
> Sounds possible. However it would be great if there was switch to 
> disable that feature in case hardware is not capable of VT-d, as I'd 
> rather use those 300mb than have software support for something that I 
> can't actually use.

In point of fact, VT-d is disabled by default; you need to explicitly enable it
for it to use memory.  However, it's possible that there's a bug, or some other
change caused the memory difference, so it's worthwhile to try and track it down
a little better.  In particular, you jumped from the 5.2 kernel to the 5.4, so
it would be worthwhile to try the 5.3 kernel and see what you get.

Chris Lalancette

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