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Re: [Xen-devel] Mini-OS as dom0, init_mm questions

2009/10/27 Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> LIU Wei, le Tue 27 Oct 2009 21:18:34 +0800, a Ãcrit :
>> Â max_pfn: Â Â Â2000
>> MM: Initialise page allocator for c1079000(1079000)-0(c2000000)
>> According to source code, last physical address of that line should
>> be 2000000, not c2000000, and corresponding virtual address should be
>> c2000000, not 0. How could this possibly go wrong? I am confused.
> I am too. Have you somehow modified arch/x86/mm.c?
> Samuel

Not yet. I just added some debugging output to help my development.
I'm still working on Mini-OS management module, which is making few

Another strange thing is, though we get a wrong caculation result here,
subsequent cauculations work fine. That means we initialize MM with
proper arguments, which is proved by my trace in /* build_pagetable() */.

I'm doing development with VMWare, because I don't have another machine
to communicate with XEN through a serial port. I don't know if this will cause
any side effect.

I'm wondering if you can offer any advise, I'll be happy to hear that.



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