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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] ioemu-remote: Align MSI-X table mmap/munmap - please apply

Bruce Edge writes ("[PATCH] ioemu-remote: Align MSI-X table mmap/munmap - 
please apply"):
> Figured out by cargo-culting that patches to qemu need to be based
> from tools/ioemu-remote and have same in subject.
> Resubmitting this patch re-based accordingly.

In fact your message on Wednesday was fine but it came so quickly
after my response that I mistook it for the first one rather than the
resend.  Sorry for not paying attention properly.

There's no particular need to CC me (or base your patch anywhere in
particular) although it does help to remind me if I seem to have
missed your patch as I do sometimes make a mistake and overlook

I've applied your change now.


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