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Re: [Xen-devel] qemu-3.4-testing problems...

Mark Johnson writes ("[Xen-devel] qemu-3.4-testing problems..."):
> We have a user who's 64-bit Windows 2k8 guest consistently
> cores qemu-dm with the latest qemu-3.4-testing.git bits.
> I haven't been able to reproduce it with Linux (HVM), Solaris(HVM), or a
> 64-bit Windows 2k8 guest. Not sure what's different about his guest.
> I was able to have him backout the recent changes pushed on 10/20
> (with no other changes) and his guest no longer crashes...

`10/20' presumably means 20th October.  Those are mostly the backports
of block driver changes from upstream.  They're not really bisectable
but I think we should be able to debug it.

You're using a Linux host I take it ?  Could you please compile your
qemu-dm with -g and unstrupped and use gdb to print sensible stack
traces (with line numbers and so on) ?  I think I should be able to
tell what's going on if you can get me a good backtrace ?

If you're not sure how to do that I'll give detailed instructions.


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