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Re: [Xen-devel] Need help in debugging partially blocked hypervisor

On 21/10/2009 14:35, "Dietmar Hahn" <dietmar.hahn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> That in itself is frankly more of a concern to me. Probably recent
>> irq-handling changes, or some other platform change, has broken boot on some
>> machines. If we don't get reports and testing help with that, it'll end up
>> broken in the next major stable release too, which we really don't want.
>> Meanwhile, can you at least boot with 3.4? At least we still maintain that.
>> And do a debug build (debug=y make ...) so that the backtraces from the 'd'
>> debug key are more meaningful.
>>  -- Keir
> Yes, you are right,  I'll try 3.4.

Thanks. DomU guests taking out the host is an embarrassing class of bug. It
would be good to get this sorted for 3.4.2 if the bug still exists. Or worst
case we could make this perfctr stuff a default-off config option. ;-)

 -- Keir

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