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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] linux/usbback: fix usbstub_exit() placement

>>> Noboru Iwamatsu <n_iwamatsu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 16.10.09 03:00 >>>
>Jan Beulich wrote:
> > The function is being referenced from (non-__exit) usbback_init().
>No, usbstub_exit() is only referenced from usbback_exit() in the
>latest version.

Oops, indeed, I didn't recall I had to change this for the 2.6.21 forward
merge. I wonder, however, why I didn't notice the section mismatch
warning earlier...

>Are you suggesting that usbstub_exit() should be referenced from 
>usbback_init() and should do as follows?

Yes, this is what I needed to do there, since I needed to make it return
a value there, as a result of xenbus_register_backend() becoming
__must_check. But really your code, even without the __must_check,
shouldn't ignore failure from xenbus_register_backend().


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