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Re: [Xen-devel] Non-page aligned MMIO BAR error on dom-0 on Xen HVM setup

On 15/10/2009 08:30, "Purna Chandar" <purnachandar.midi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> But, when I trigger an FLR (function level reset) on the pass-through
> device/function on dom-0 (not on dom-u), I have problems on guest OS. The
> "disabled" bit appears in the lspci output on the device in the guest. The
> driver is not able to do any memory-mapped reads/writes and hence I am not
> able to load the driver. I triggered the FLR using following command:
> # setpci -s 01:00.2 CAP_EXP+8.w=0xa814
> (Before triggering FLR, value at CAP_EXP+8.w is 0x2814. As we have to set last
> bit in PCI Express capability for FLR, value used in above command is 0xa814).

Why would you do that? Do you do it while the guest is running and owns the

 -- Keir

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