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[Xen-devel] [PATCH][RFC] xm, xend: Add new option "change_home_server" to xm migrate


This patch adds a new option to xm migrate command.  A concept of the 
option is inspired from XenServer/XenCenter.  The concept is 
"Change home server (affinity)."
The option name is "change_home_server."

Currently, a config.sxp file of a managed domain is not migrated 
to a destination server even if the migration of the managed domain 
succeeds.  The config.sxp file is kept in a source server.

By the patch, the config.sxp file is migrated with the managed 
domain.  The config.sxp file is unregistered from the source server, 
then the config.sxp file is registered to the destination server.

BTW, should the config.sxp file be always migrated without the 
option?  If the managed domain is migrated without the option, the 
managed domains exist on both the source server and the destination 
server.  (Of course, the managed domain on the source server is 
"halted" state, and the managed domain on the destination server is 
"running" state.)  Is it good that the managed domains with a same 
UUID exist on both servers?
(In the patch, I added the option for compatible.)

Signed-off-by: Masaki Kanno <kanno.masaki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Best regards,

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