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Re: [Xen-devel] Size limit on extra argument to xm create

On 10/ 9/09 11:30 PM, Keir Fraser wrote:
Since it's baked into the guest ABI, it's not expandable. It's rather likely
you'll have to live with only 1024 characters of boot parameters: the
I realize that 1024 seems large enough for a traditional OS. In my Java Virtual Machine guest, I am faced with some applications that issue very large command lines, certainly in excess of 1024. There are workarounds, but it means I can't run certain apps out of the box.
The initial ram disk is just an 'module' you can load into guest memory for
interpretation by the guest kernel as it loads. Convention is to load it
into RAM immediately after the guest kernel, and place its address and size
into the mod_start/mod_len fields of start_info.
I assume this is specified via the "ramdisk" configuration file option?


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