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[Xen-devel] [RFC] need good name for new config option

I will be looking at adding a per-domain config option
that, if specified, will disallow restore or live migration
for that domain.  (Probably save will be permitted and
suitable munging in the save file might be used to
override it at the VM administrator's risk.)

In a previous post, I called this "landlocked" but
I'm not very happy with that name.

"no_restore" doesn't describe that migration is disallowed
(though it may be obvious to Xen developers who understand
that much of the save/restore/migrate code is shared)

"no_migrate" doesn't describe that restore is disallowed

"marooned" was suggested

"locked" was suggested

Unless someone comes up with a much more descriptive
term, I'll probably go with "no_migrate" (and argue that
a save+restore is just a temporal migration on the same
physical machine, so is also disallowed ;-)

Any better ideas?


P.S. Why?  Some simplifying assumptions can be made
regarding rdtsc usage by a domain if no migrations
are allowed and the domain is launched on certain
hardware.  There are likely other current or future
features that may similarly benefit, so I'm looking
for a generic name (not tied to "tsc").

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