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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] Introduce a grant_entry_v2 structure.

> > >>>>>> Introduce a grant_entry_v2 structure.
> > >>>>>> 
> > >>>>>> Signed-off-by: Steven Smith <steven.smith@xxxxxxxxxx>
> > >>>>> This patch breaks my build:
> > >>>> 
> > >>>> Should be fixed by c/s 20288.
> > >>> 
> > >>> Build still not okay:
> > >> Fixed by c/s 20291.
> > > Oops; sorry about that.  I completely forgot about the non-Linux dom0
> > > OSes.
> > Could you have a stab at fixing the IA64 gnttab hooks? Either that or
> > solicit help from the ia64 devs (cc'ing Isaku).
> I don't have an IA64 build environment set up right now.  Do you know
> if there are any Citrix (or other) ones which I could borrow for a
> bit, please?
After some fiddling, I managed to get an IA64 cross toolchain set up,
and the attached patch fixes the IA64 build of the hypervisor.  I
don't have any IA64 test boxes, so I've no idea whether it actually
works, but it does build.

I've not looked at the changes to libxc, because my cross-compiler
doesn't seem to be able to cope with userspace stuff, but I'd guess
they'll probably be okay.

Sorry about the mess.


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