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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: pygrub and F12 rawhide

Post-install, is pygrub working for anyone else? I see it get stuck as

What is your host?  Does your e2fsprogs support ext4?

I'm using libfsimage not e2fsprogs.

Internally, libfsimage will most likely use libext2fs, which Red Hat distributions place in e2fsprogs-{devel,libs}. So, if your host is for example RHEL 5 or CentOS 5 your pygrub will not support ext4. On such distros ext3 works for me, while ext4 is not supposed to (yet).

Instead, if you compiled xen on your own, make sure you have e2fsprogs-devel (or equivalent) installed, otherwise libfsimage will use its internal ext2 implementation---which definitely does not work with ext4, and I don't know about ext3.


ps: Fedora 11 will propose ext3 for /boot and ext4 for other partitions; however, F12 defaults to ext4 for everything and can boot from ext4.

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