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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 8] Xen-side netchannel2 patches, take two

>>> Pasi KÃrkkÃinen<pasik@xxxxxx> 08.10.09 10:07 >>>
>Hmm.. Did Novell guys port/fix the unmodified drivers to SLES11 (2.6.27) ?

Yes. They're building for us without extra patches afaict (I think we do
need some adjustment on even newer kernels, due to the movement
of the arch include directories, but that should be an upstreamable
patch - not sure why it didn't get submitted). Of course the whole thing
gets more complicated if you want to also consider a pv-ops-Xen-enabled
kernel config, but otoh I recall Jeremy stating now and then that he
would be working on pv driver building on pure pv-ops kernel sources.


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