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Re: [Xen-devel] dom0 crash with unstable

On 10/06/09 08:13, Bryan D. Payne wrote:
> Ok, so I tried setting dom0_mem to a variety of values less than 32GB.
>  I'm still getting a crash, but now it is more random.  Basically, I'm
> watching the boot process via a serial line, and instead of seeing the
> dom0 crash output that I posted before, I'm simply seeing the output
> stop, and the boot process hanging, in a different spot with each
> boot.  Removing the dom0_mem value beings me back to the behavior I
> had before, where the dom0 crash output shows up reliably each time.

That's mysterious.  My first thought is that this is a separate problem.

Is it ever stable?  What happens if you set dom0_mem to 4G or less?

Is the console responsive when the kernel hangs?  That is, can you type
"Ctrl-A Ctrl-A Ctrl-A" to get Xen, then enter debug keys?  '0' (zero)
should dump the context for dom0 and give some clue about where it is dying.


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