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Re: [Xen-devel][PATCH] VNIF: Using smart polling instead of event notification.

Xu, Dongxiao wrote:
    We found that the event notification frequency is still high in some 
network cases. NAPI polls only for a little
time slot and does not efficient enough in our backend/frontend case. Actually 
our patch repeated calling NAPI
interface to do more polling, and netback will NOT notify netfront during this 
period. Once netfront polling out
all the data, and finds that there is no more data arrive/send during the next 100ms, the timer will stop working to end the polling. This filed 'smart_poll_active' is shared by netfront and netback, to indicate whether netfront is polling data. So this filed is necessary for netback to notify netfront if this flag is not set. This field is different from the flag in xenstore, which indicates whether other-end has this new feature. If other-end doesn't support the new feature, everything goes in the original way.

If you want to prevent event notification, why not simply mask out your port?


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