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[Xen-devel] [PATCH][RFC] sub-page anonymous domain memory allocator

This patch uses some #define-and-Makefile trickery to completely
leverage common/xmalloc.c to provide a sub-page memory
allocator that takes memory from anonymous domain heap instead
of xen heap.  Note that it is useful only on a 64-bit hypervisor.
(Some other #define trickery can be used so that 32-bit
hypervisor uses xenheap and 64-bit hypervisor uses adheap.)

Keir says that a goal for 3.4 is to combine xen heap and
domain heap on 64-bit hypervisors.  This is a step in that
direction that I am using today in some work that requires
more memory than xenheap can provide (which I'll hopefully
post sometime in the next few weeks).


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