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[Xen-devel] RE: HVM Domain Grant Reference For Sharing Memory

Venkat, the Xenbus drivers haven’t been ported for HVM’s yet and I feel any out of band mechanism can be used to communicate the grant reference. Xenstore can be accessed through the store_mfn page passed to a PV but is unavailable to an HVM so you can’t write to the Xenstore from an HVM because neither the store_mfn nor the event channel is available there.



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HVM need not execute a Hypercall to offer a page instead it will fill the appropriate grant reference structure inside the grant table from the obtained index in the grant table.

But how will the HVM guest pass the grant reference to a PV guest so that he can map it.

Is it through Xenstore?

If it is through Xenstore, is there a hypercall involved?

If it is not through Xenstore, is there any other way which is currently supported?





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