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[Xen-devel] [SPAM] About the differences between Version 3.3 and Version 3.0

I want to do some research about the I/O performance of VMM and want to use 
Xen to do some experiments. I read many materials about the Xen. But there are 
some questions about the code of Xen. I know the virtual disk is implemented 
through the frontend driver and backend driver. But there are some questions I 
not be sure about the virtual disk. I would appreciate it greatly if anyone 
could help me.

1. If there are many disk requests coming from different domains 
simultaneously, how 
would the backend driver of the domain0 process these requests? Does it 
processes them
through FIFO algorithm?

2. In version 3.0, where is the code about disk backend driver of domain0? Is 
it in 
linux-2.6-xen-sparse\drivers\xen\blkback? Do these codes include the algorithm 
disk requests from different domains?

3. I found the newest Version is Version 3.3, can anyone tell me the majors 
differences between 
Version 3.3 and Version 3.0? And is there any change in the part of virtual 
disk, especially 
the scheduling alogithm of different disk requests from domains?

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me to answer tha above 
PS: I read some papers about the Xen and wanted to understand some parts of the 
code so that 
I could do some experiments using Xen. However, I found it was difficult, for 
there is few 
materials about the code. Could anyone tell me how I could be quickly familar 
with the code 
related to the virtual disk?

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