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Re: [Xen-devel] PV Grub Questions


Todd Deshane, le Tue 26 Aug 2008 15:57:50 -0400, a écrit :
> a)
> root (hd0,1)
> setup (hd0)
> boot (or quit)
> In this case however setup and quit are unknown commands.
> Is that expected?

Yes.  The MBR of a partition is supposed to contain a real bootloader,
not a PV bootloader, thus the setup command doesn't hold.  quit only
makes sense when running from a Unix shell, so doesn't make sense here,
reboot or halt can be used instead.

> b)
> kernel (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz-
> initrd (hd0,1)/boot/initrd.img-
> boot
> In this case, I get
> Page fault in pagetable walk (access to invalid memory?).

Should work :/
Could you send me your images so I can test?

> It starts booting the kernel, but gets stuck during the boot process at:
> rtc: IRQ 8 is not free.
> Non-volatile memory driver v1.2
> RAMDISK driver initialized: 16 RAM disks of 16384K size 1024 blocksize
> loop: loaded (max 8 devices)
> Xen virtual console successfully installed as xvc0
> Event-channel device installed.
> netfront: Initialising virtual ethernet driver.
> xen-vbd: registered block device major 3
>  hda:

Is there any message in dom0's dmesg or xm dmesg?


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