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[Xen-devel] Re: backend block driver and domain migration blackout time

On 26/8/08 17:36, "Guzovsky, Eduard" <Eduard.Guzovsky@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>     dominfo._releaseDevices(force = True)
>     wait_for_outstanding_vbd_io_complete() # "shutdown-done" in xenstore
>     unleash_the_target()
> just before the current
>     dominfo.destroyDomain()
>     dominfo.testDeviceComplete()
> The complete xend patch is below. Works fine in our testing but is this
> a safe thing to do?

As long as domain's execution is quiesced (which it obviously is since it
will have responded to the suspend request and the state record has been
propagated to the target machine) and I/O is quiesced (well, block I/O at
least) then yes, it should logically be safe.

 -- Keir

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