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[Xen-devel] Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 13/13] xen: pv domain builder.


>> http://kraxel.fedorapeople.org/patches/qemu-xen/
> Those patches are not suitable for inclusion in qemu-xen.  This is
> because
>   - They rename files pointlessly

You havn't looked at them in detail for a while, right?

The pointless xen_* -> xen-* renames are all gone.  Only one is left:
Rename xenfb.c to xen_framebuffer.c for consistency with the other xen

>   - They contain many changes which consist of the addition of new
>     code which is not relevant for qemu-xen.

Feel free to just ignore them.  In theory they should be a no-op anyway,
but I though you'd prefer to be able to test that.  If you don't want
that, fine, I'll happily drop the patches then.  Less work for me, which
is always welcome.

>     It is fine for us to
>     change qemu-xen to make it easier for your tree and our tree to
>     converge (such as factoring the backend driver core out of the
>     qemu-xen xenfb).


>     But we do not want (for example) your complete
>     backend driver set.

You'll get them from upstream at some point anyway.
If you don't want them beforehand for testing just tell me, no problem.

>   - http://kraxel.fedorapeople.org/patches/qemu-xen/0001-kraxel-s-stuff.patch
>     "Kraxel's Stuff" ?  This is a joke, right ?

Yea, the very first is just some script-age for me, ignore that one.

Patches 02 -> 04 pull depending patches, once you've merged with
upstream they are not needed any more and will be removed from the patch

Patches 05 -> 09 is the backend core / console / framebuffer stuff you
are willing to take.

Patch 10 are the xen_machine_pv.c changes (upstream changeset has this
earlier, moved here for better bisectability).

Patch 11+ are disk + nic backends.  Ignore them if you don't want them.

> This has been explained before, I think ?

Please read the patches and also the introduction text for the patch
sets posted to xen-devel and qemu-devel.  I *do* address your review


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