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Re: [Xen-devel] Almost working iSCSI booting, need advice

jpranevich@xxxxxxxxxxx schreef:
I think there is also a second "bug" in Xen 3.3.0 on blkif.py, line
59. Are you using 3.3.0 yet? I'd be curious to see if you come to the
same conclusion.

I have tested the latest Xen some weeks ago... but only with tapdisk.

Anyway, I'm going to work up a revised patch now that I have a better
inkling what is going on. My goal will be to get hotplug devices work
with the bootloaders. (But, at least I have something that appears to
work without needing that support.)

Work is appreciated!

Also, you mentioned pvgrub. Can you tell me how to use this? I did a
"grep -R -i pvgrub xen-3.3.0" and can't find it in the Xen 3.3.0
release. The only reference I can find to it is in the release notes.
Can you give me a pointer where this lives and how it works, so that
I can see if it suffers from the same problem?

That was another Steven :) and I think it goes about having an actual grub on the filesystem.


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