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Re: [Xen-devel] Almost working iSCSI booting, need advice

jpranevich@xxxxxxxxxxx schreef:
----- "Stefan de Konink" <skinkie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I hope you don't cry now, but I'm not using any bootloader :) I really

can't see the use for it. Actually I have *two* kernels now, but the only thing my users see is an linux-2.6 as kernel in their config.

So I can reproduce it, how do you have it configured then? I'm not familiar 
with a sans-bootloader configuration.

kernel = "/home/skinkie/xen/boot/gentoo";

Not only the best way, the only way you can *safely* hide your storage
from the domU's.

My specific application doesn't need the security. I'm using this for legacy applications, not untrusted users. I probably wouldn't be using paravirt if I wanted that level of security, but I'm not sure how the big ISPs do it.



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