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Re: [Xen-devel] Almost working iSCSI booting, need advice

jpranevich@xxxxxxxxxxx schreef:
Without these changes, or at least similar changes, I was never
getting the hotplug scripts called in my config. Maybe it's because
I'm using pygrub. Maybe it's some other reason. I traced the
offending code to bootloader:

I guess here is where the problem is... I never used pygrub before it. So if you are hacking in PyGrub you might be in the right place ;)

If you tell me where in the python code the hotplug scripts are
supposed to get called from, I'll add copious debugging around that
point in stock Xen to see what it's doing in my configuration and
report back or provide a fix.

You ask smart questions... but I don't know 'how' PyGrub does this. And actually I have no clue were in the actual booting process PyGrub steps in.

There are no problems with your block-iscsi scripts. Those are
perfectly fine. They need tweaked a bit because the kernel
maintainers keep changing the format and layout of /sys between
versions, but it should be a simple matter to select the right file
location. (It seems to be one of two.) I was going to send you a
patch to do this once I got further along.

;) Yes... I Know ;) The Libvirt guys know it too...

What I asked to the open-iscsi.org guys was to copy there utility functions to seperate library something like libopen-iscsi.so and create a program that does the /sys operations based on their code.

(It could be interesting to make a block script in plain C, I have investigated this route for libvirt storage pools as well... but that one has an extra 'issue', it should be able to do the 'tap' interface too...)


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