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[Xen-devel] Almost working iSCSI booting, need advice


I've adapted the patch I sent yesterday to Xen 3.3.0. (Recent changes to 
blkif.py and DevController.py had to be worked around. Mostly, just change some 
over-zealous checks to let the code pass for now. Needs looked at later.) 
Unfortunately, now I can only start one iSCSI mount. The second fails with 
"device already in use" because /dev/null (my dummy device) was used by the 
previous mount. (See the diff I sent yesterday for an explanation.) I can 
comment out that check and get it to work, but that's not really a good idea 

I'm committed to getting this to work and contributing to the community 
whatever fixes are required. But, I need some help understanding how this 
*should* work, so that I make changes in a way which are compatible with the 
vision of the primary maintainers. Can anyone here recommend who I should email 
about this? I'm new to this project and the lists and don't know all the right 

My big issue involves the creation of the dummy device. It's a chicken and egg 
problem with create_vbd() that I'm not sure how to get around. (The hotplug 
scripts have to run to get the device, but need the device to run the hotplug 
script.) I may be able to fix that by simply writing the correct information to 
the xenstore in the right places after I learn them, but I don't know what 
places need updating for the different parts of Xen. (I also haven't tested 
this with Xen-API or migrations, so I may discover more problems if I'm not 
structuring this in the right way.)

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. 


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