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Re: [Xen-devel] Trigger code in domU from dom0

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As far as live migration, this should work perfectly as long as you want
your code to run **after** migration and not before. Live migration
differs from regular migration only in that the tools copy a pile of
memory pages without suspending the domain (meaning domU doesn't know
when this starts happening), then suspend the domain and copy the last
few pages. The event channel (or xenstore) mechanism used to trigger the
suspend is the same, though, meaning you can hook your code in and be
notified either between the mass copying and the copying of the last few
pages (before the hypercall), or after all migration is done (after the

I didn't see any documentation on the code, I just browsed the source.
For my purposes I'm not so much interested in IRQs, I'm more interested
in running before userspace gets a chance to run - so I'm not sure about
what you need for your project.


Asim wrote:
| Thanks a lot Chris for the response. I have some followup questions:-
| 1. Does this hold for "live" migration as well?
| 2. I want to run my code when all devices/irqs are available. The
| post_suspend looks like a good place to me. Did you get this
| information via mere source code browsing or there is a reference to
| it. It would be great for me to know where this is in migration stage
| in terms of dom0 - Is it after dom0 declared migration finished?
| 3. Thanks a lot for your help.
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