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RE: [Xen-devel] trigger an interrupt in HVM

> There is no such hypercall. In PV guests we can do any hypercall and
> evtchn_upcall_pending will be picked up. This isn't the case for an
> guest -- the IRQ is only asserted if an event is set pending by the
> hypervisor itself.
> If you must be able to trigger event delivery via the HVM IRQ
> from
> within your HVM guest then I suggest you allocate an IPI event channel
> do a notify hypercall on that. That will have the side effect of
> triggering
> an interrupt and 'flushing through' all other pending events.

As an alternative, could I do an alloc_unbound (DOMID_SELF, DOMID_SELF)
and then bind_interdomain to it?

As another alternative, I have previously been using the asm 'int x'
instructions to call isr's... that could work too although of course
without the source code to windows it's hard to tell exactly what the
implications of that might be :)


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